Teach With Us

We have a lot of teaching opportunities available in 2021. The new curriculum will go live in August 2021, which will mean that all our MRCEM and FRCEM courses, practice papers and online materials will need to be revised. Our ultrasound training is also expanding as interest in ultrasound skills increases, not only in Emergency Medicine, but also in Acute Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, ECHO, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Surgery, General Practice and more. We are planning to increase our equipment and capacity to be able to deliver a wide range of high quality ultrasound training.


We are looking for people to teach:



Clinicians who are able to teach ultrasound in any of the areas listed above. We are looking for a range of commitments from just the occasional day to full-time or near full-time. Click here for more details.



We are looking for clinicians with a special interest in any parts of the RCEM curriculum who would like to develop skills in online recordings. Training and support provided. Click here for more details.



With the MRCEM OSCE replacing the SJP there will be lots of additional OSCE courses needed. We will also continue to need faculty able to teach on Final FRCEM OSCE courses. Click here for more details.


Benefits of Teaching with us

In addition to an honorarium (usually £300 per day) there are many other benefits: CPD, developing skills, being right up-to-date, meeting others and the possibility of leading and developing new teaching areas.




“I joined Bromley courses as a faculty member for PLAB 2. I found it quite useful in how organised and systematic their general approach was. I have learned an excellent structure in delivering medical education. It also helped refresh my medical knowledge and clinical skills. I definitely would love to continue and expand on delivering more and different courses.”



“Being faculty on Bromley Emergency Courses has improved my point of care ultrasound technique and my bedside teaching skills; both of which have allowed me to progress in my clinical duties”

Core Ultrasound Course


“Bromley Emergency has helped in my professional development by giving me access to the latest portable ultrasound equipment and a great team of enthusiastic staff to work with. It’s been useful to meet and learn from other experienced faculty from various Trusts. Teaching junior doctors is always rewarding and the sessions are structured very well to give them the most out of the day.”

CORE Ultrasound Course


“Working with Bromley Emergency is a unique opportunity for anyone keen to be part of medical education. Teaching for the PLAB 2 course has given me an opportunity to give back the knowledge and work experience to international medical graduates that I gained after being part of the same route to get registered with the GMC. Professionally, it has helped me keep my core skills of medical examination and approach to patients updated. Would definitely recommend it.”



“I am passionate about ultrasound and teaching ultrasound for Bromley Emergency gives me the opportunity to engage other clinicians with the use of ultrasound as a point-of-care device in managing patients. Personally, it helps build my teaching skills as well as consolidate my ultrasound knowledge.”

Core Ultrasound Course