FRCEM Final SBA Exam Preparation Course and Online Practrice Questions

We offer an online or in-person option for this FRCEM Final SBA exam preparation course. The course is aimed at helping to focus your revision and to practice sitting FRCEM SBA papers under exam-like conditions.

We also have a bank of online FRCEM Final SBA practice questions that can be purchased separately to the course.

Online FRCEM Final SBA Course


The online FRCEM Final SBA revision course is intended to:

  • Give you a broad understanding of your strengths and weaknesses across the RCEM 2021 Curriculum
  • Give you practice in answering questions typical of the single best answer exam
  • Potentially expose you to topics and guidelines you may not be familiar with.

The online option allows you the flexibility of taking this course from anywhere in the world, while still allowing you to ask questions and interact with the faculty and other students during the course.

Next course dates:

20th – 21st August 2024

3rd – 4th September 2024

Location: Online via Zoom

In-Person FRCEM Final SBA Course


This is the same course as the online FRCEM Final SBA revision course and is intended to:

  • Give you a broad understanding of your strengths and weaknesses across the FRCEM 2021 Curriculum
  • Give you practice in answering questions typical of the single best answer exam
  • Potentially expose you to topics and guidelines you may not be familiar with.

The in-person option means that you can attend our training centre on the day and interact directly with the faculty and other students on the course. You will also be able to hear any questions coming in from those taking the course online.

You will receive printed copies of all course materials and we will also provide you with lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Next course dates:

20th – 21st August 2024

3rd – 4th September 2024

Venue: Terracotta Court (ground floor), 167 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3LN

FRCEM Final SBA Practice Questions

£24.95 p/m

Our FRCEM Final SBA online resources package includes a bank of online practice questions to help you prepare for your exam.

These are great as preparation for the online or in-person course, or as focused practice before taking your exam.

If you book our online or in-person, you will get access to these practice questions for free.

Terms: Automatically renews every month. Can be cancelled at any time.

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About Our FRCEM Final SBA Course


Topics/Subjects Covered:

This course covers the range of SLO topics listed in the RCEM 2021 curriculum.

The course samples across these areas of the curriculum, particularly focusing on areas which have been popular within the FRCEM Final SBA Exam.

We also focus specifically on quality improvement, statistics, and ultrasound questions.

You will also have access to our online FRCEM SBA practice quizzes. These can be viewed through our mobile app or through our website. Your access will continue until after the exam and will provide you with well-structured and well-illustrated explanations.


How It’s Taught:

You will complete 6 practice papers over the 2 days, comprising a total of 270 questions. These will be accompanied by in-depth explanations of why each answer is the correct one and how to go about selecting the correct answer from options that may seem only slightly different.

The first two papers will be sent in advance of the course, and you will be expected to complete these before arriving. They will then be discussed in detail on the first day and you will also complete a third paper, which will be unseen, on the first day.

On day two you will complete papers 4 and 5 as interactive quizzes before sitting paper 6 under timed, exam-like conditions.

All papers are discussed in interactive review sessions, which will no doubt spark some debate but will help to familiarise you with topics from across the curriculum and the relevant guidelines.

You will be given comprehensive model answers to take away.


What Skills Will You Develop:

You will learn how to manage single best answer (SBA) questions.

Through undertaking our practice papers and the discussions in class you will come to understand what the college is looking for and how to choose between options which may appear only subtly different.

You will gain an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, and understand the underlying principles and guidelines to help you answer related questions in the future. 

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The FRCEM SBA is a theoretical exam mapped to the full Emergency Medicine 2021 curriculum and the blueprint includes research, management and QI. The FRCEM SBA exam replaced the FRCEM Final SAQ from August 2021.

The FRCEM SBA examination consists of 180 SBA questions presented across two papers each lasting two hours. An hour’s break is provided in the middle of the exam.

The exam blueprint and sample questions are available in the FRCEM SBA information pack.

Guidance for Candidates with Additional Requirements

The College is committed to supporting candidates by providing fair opportunities
when undertaking examinations. Candidates may submit a request for reasonable
adjustments and should note that the responsibility for requesting adjustments lies
with them. Please see this guidance here.

The FRCEM SBA exam is open to candidates who have MRCEM after 2012* or the FRCEM Intermediate Certificate (Intermediate SAQ and SJP exams).

Candidates are also required to have a certain level of experience:

For trainees in an approved UK or Irish training programme: has completed 12 months (or full-time equivalent) of training in Emergency Medicine at ST4/ST5 or equivalent or

For non-trainees: has completed 6 years of training post-qualification; 4 years (or full-time equivalent) of which must be in Emergency Medicine, and 1 year (or full time equivalent) of which must be at a level above ST3/SHO.

Candidates can sit the FRCEM SBA and FRCEM OSCE in any order.

*Candidates with MRCEM before August 2012 will need to provide additional evidence of eligibility by emailing their CV and record of their latest appraisal to

Candidates must apply for the exam online, during the published application window.

Applications will open at 10.00am on the morning of the application opening date listed on the Exam Calendar and close automatically at 5.00pm (UK time) on the listed closing date. Applications must be completed before 5.00pm on the closing date, late applications will not be accepted.

See Applications page

The FRCEM SBA is machine marked, a correct answer is awarded 1 mark and an incorrect answer is awarded 0, negative marking does not apply. The cut score for the exam is determined using the Angoff method, +1 Standard Error Measurement is added to create the pass mark.

Further Information on the Angoff method.

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