MRCEM Parts A and B

From August 2016 the MRCEM Part A and Part B exams will no longer be offered by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and instead:

  • MRCEM Part A exam will be replaced by the FRCEM Primary exam
  • MRCEM Part B exam will be replaced by the FRCEM Intermediate SAQ exam

In response to this, Bromley Emergency Courses will no longer be running MRCEM Part A or B courses after August 2016. Instead we will be running new and updated courses for the two new exams, the FRCEM Primary  and FRCEM Intermediate SAQ exams.

Click here for more details about our  upcoming FRCEM Primary Course

Click here for more details about our upcoming FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Course

This change is part of a wider restructuring of the MRCEM/FRCEM examination process by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. To find out more about these changes visit either the RCEM website or read our summary of all the proposed changes to the MRCEM/FRCEM examinations by clicking here.