RCEM Events

Below you will find information on current and forthcoming RCEM Events.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Mental health emergencies

Date: 2 February 2024
Format: Online event

This study day will focus on understanding how to manage high-risk mental health patients with compassion. Delegates will gain powers to keep patients safe, and learn how to deal with complex cases, including High Intensity Users and younger age groups. This event will consider new guidance, insights from patients and mental health professionals, as well as potentials in research.

Learning objectives:

  • How to maintain safe care for patients in mental health crisis
  • Understanding capacity and how to use the MCA and MHA
  • Designing and implementing High Intensity Use Services
  • Providing compassionate care in challenging situations
  • Furthering the research agenda in EM Mental Health Care

EMTA conference 2024

Date: 27-28 February 2024
Location: Hilton Newcastle Gateshead

The objective of the event is to provide high-quality CPD for emergency medicine (EM) trainees, as well as educational sessions on career opportunities as they progress through their training pathway.

CESR applicants training day

Date: 8 March 2024
Format: RCEM Octavia House

This event will benefit those who intend, or are in the process of, submitting a CESR application in Emergency Medicine for entry to the Specialist Register. The programme will include an overview of the CESR process, guidance on what evidence to submit, tips from those who have submitted successful CESR applications, a practical exercise discussing evidence from a real application, and a Q&A session.

First do no harm: Safer care study day

Date: 19 March 2024
Format: Online event

This day will look at national guidance and reports that require an ED response.  It will also look at safety issues in our EDs, especially related to crowding, and how to mitigate against these safety risks.

The learning objectives of this event are:

  • To review the NHS R reports and understand how to implement change in your ED
  • What NATSSIPS2 means for the ED
  • To understand about PSIRF
  • To learn about ways of involving patients in patient safety

Beyond the forgotten tribe

Date: 20 March 2024
Format: Online event

Following the success of the study day The forgotten tribe, Beyond the forgotten tribe will delve into some of the more complex issues around managing adolescents in the ED. Expert speakers will focus on tips on how to deal with teenagers and delegates will be able to practice their skills during the two afternoon workshops.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the adolescent brain, challenging behaviour, acute behavioural disturbance and neurodiversity
  • Examine medically unexplained symptoms, psychosocial screening and social prescribing
  • Understand trauma in teens, including after sexual assault
  • Help you develop an adolescent service in your ED, using the example of the programme “Mind the gap” for 16/17 years old

Spring CPD Conference 2024

Date: 16 – 18 April 2024
Format: Hybrid
RCEM accredited for CPD

The Spring CPD Conference will take place at the ICC Wales on 16 – 18 April as a hybrid conference with options for delegates to attend face-to-face or virtually.

Paediatric pearls and pitfalls

Date: 1 May 2024
Format: Online event

Want to be more confident in managing children in the Paediatric Emergency Department? Want to be familiar with how the pros do it and how to avoid the common pitfalls? This event will cement and even add to the knowledge you have acquired thus far!  Come along for a great educational event filled with helpful advice, tips and a review of the evidence out there!

Listening to ongoing feedback regarding this ever-popular study day, the programme has been adjusted to focus on and build on knowledge that is already available – giving you an edge with expert advice and opinion reflecting new evidence and a different way of approaching emergencies in the PED.

Learning objectives:

  • To improve diagnostics in paediatric emergency presentations
  • To provide evidence-based improvements in management strategies
  • To discuss communication pitfalls and how to address these