Basic Ultrasound for Radiologists

The basic ultrasound skills course is an introduction to ultrasound for aspiring radiologists. It is mapped to the 2021 Royal College of Radiologists curriculum and requires no prior knowledge of ultrasound.

Candidates will learn the indications for ultrasound, ultrasound anatomy and physics at the level of a new radiology ST1. We offer practical, hands-on experience on healthy volunteers and simulators with a wide variety of pathology.

The course aims to develop your commitment to the specialty and the attributes and skills relevant to a career in radiology.

Next Date: 31st October 2024

Fee: £370 inc. VAT

Venue: Terracotta Court (ground floor), 167 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3LN


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About Our Basic Ultrasound for Radiologists course


Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at clinicians considering a career in radiology or those interested in learning how radiologists learn ultrasound skills. This includes:

  • Foundation Doctors (FY1/FY2/F3)
  • Any grade medics considering a career in radiology

If you are an existing radiology trainee looking to develop your skills with hands-on experience, please let us know a few weeks before the course and we will group you together with similar candidates.


What does the course cover?

The course covers anatomy, physics, and practical ultrasound techniques. You will receive lectures and demonstrations on scans covering:

  • Abdomen and pelvis: Emergencies, aorta, uroradiology and hepatobiliary radiology
  • Lung
  • Neck
  • Peripheral vascular: Arterial and venous
  • Vascular access and ultrasound guided procedures (drains and biopsies)

Why Choose Us?

All of our teaching faculty are highly skilled ultrasound practitioners with extensive teaching experience.

You will get access to scanning practice on a variety of healthy volunteers and state-of-the-art simulators showing a wide range of pathology.

We also use a wide range of ultrasound machines, including the latest hand-held devices, to ensure you feel confident scanning on any machine you are provided with.

Our phantoms and simulators will help you acquire the skills to improve your scans, identify significant pathology, and perform ultrasound-guided procedures.

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