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About the exam

The FRCEM Intermediate Certificate Short Answer Question (SAQ) Paper is intended to test a candidate’s application of Emergency Medicine knowledge. This is done through practice SAQ questions covering the breadth of Emergency Medicine practice as outlined in the 2015 RCEM Emergency Medicine Curriculum. Questions will carry three marks each and likely require the interpretation of clinical cases and accompanying clinical data such as ECGs, blood test results, clinical pictures, X-rays and CT scans. Answering the questions will require a thorough familiarity with the presentation and management of emergency cases – adult, paediatric, medicine, surgery and trauma – as well as anesthetics, intensive care medicine, practical procedures and the common competencies.

What We Offer

FRCEM Intermediate Course:

Course lead: Dr Ian Stell
Date: 3rd – 5th February 2019 (TBC) (contact us to register your interest.)
Venue: Muscat, Oman
Course Fee: £675


Dubai FRCEM Courses - tuition session in UK for international students

This three-day course has been specifically designed for candidates taking the intermediate examination of the UK Royal College of Emergency Medicine who are not working in the UK.

The course focuses specifically on those areas where non-UK candidates are most likely to struggle.

The course includes four practice papers of 24 questions each and 12 lectures. The papers and lectures ensure that the course covers nearly all the subjects which are likely to come up in the examination.

For candidates at an early stage of preparation for this exam the course will provide a clear understanding of the knowledge needed and familiarity with the style of the exam. The course manual can then be used along with private study and our online video package for continuing revision. Our video package is included for those registering on this course. Each lecture in the video package is longer than the lectures in the course, covering each subject more fully so that all areas of the curriculum are discussed.

For candidates who are taking the examination in September this course will provide valuable practice in examination technique, an essential area. It will also provide an opportunity to check your areas of strength and weakness so that you can target your remaining revision in the areas where it will be most effective.

Course Lead

Dr Ian Stell.
Dr Stell founded Bromley Emergency Courses in 2005 and has taught on over 300 courses. He taught on Part B courses until the college introduced the Intermediate Examination in 2016 when he redesigned the course completely.

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