FRCEM Situational Judgement Paper (SJP)

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FRCEM Situational Judgement Paper (SJP) Exam Preparation Course (London, UK)

FRCEM SJP courseNext Courses: 1st September and 7th September 2017 
Course Leads:
Dr Ian Stell
Venue: Unit 42 St Olav's Court, 25 Lower Road, Canada Water, London, SE16 2XB

The new FRCEM SJP exam

From August 2017, the FRCEM Situational Judgement Paper (SJP) will replace the MRCEM Part C exam  as a requirement to go on to Higher Specialist Training in Emergency Medicine. The FRCEM SJP tests examine a candidates non-academic ‘soft skills’ such as decision making, interpersonal relations and professional judgment.

The FRCEM Situational Judgement Paper will contain 120 single best answer questions (SBAQs), each presenting a hypothetical but realistic workplace problem or dilemma and the candidate is asked to choose the most effective response or action from a series of potential answers. The questions will assess the candidate against the Common Competencies as outlined in the RCEM Emergency Medicine Training Curriculum 2015 and address the attributes required of doctors in higher training and beyond: (1) patient focus; (2) problem solving; (3) decision making; (4) team working; (5) time management; (6) self-awareness; (7) professional Integrity and (8) professional development.

As a new exam, there is currently limited experience, little information, and no practice questions for the FRCEM SJP and this, added to the unfamiliar content and style of questions make it very different from the more usual knowledge-based medical exams and likely harder to pass!

Our new FRCEM SJP exam preparation Course

However, help is at hand and our new one day FRCEM SJP exam preparation course has the knowledge and insight to guide you through preparing for this challenging exam with a balance of informative lectures and practice situational judgment questions. On this course,

• You will receive a series of lectures covering the relevant Core Competencies of the RCEM curriculum, giving you the essential background knowledge around UK medical practice, NHS structure, GMC regulations and guidance as well as relevant national laws such as the Mental Health Act.

• We will discuss the expected behaviors and attitudes of a Higher Trainee in Emergency Medicine in respect to each of the eight highlighted attributes.

• How to approach the questions themselves by dissecting them against these attributes and Common Competencies to identify the key concerns which will likely lead us to the right answer will be discussed.

You can attend this course on either the 1st or 7th September 2017

Sample Programme

Registration and course welcome
Introduction to situational judgement tests and the FRCEM SJP
Lecture I: Patient focus
Lecture II: Problem solving and decision making
Lecture III: Time management and self awareness
Interactive session: Answering SJP questions
Candidates complete paper I
Review of Paper I
Lecture IV: Team working
Lecture V: Professional integrity and professional development.
Candidates complete paper II
Review of paper 2
Final comments
Feedback and close of course.