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Management team

Ian Stell

Director, Bromley Emergency Courses

Ian graduated from Kings College London. After training in Emergency Medicine he was appointed Clinical Lecturer in Emergency Medicine at Guy's Hospital in 1995 and later Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Princess Royal University Hospital in 1999, where he was Head of Department for many years. He has a keen interest in Emergency Medicine education and training and founded Bromley Emergency Courses in 2005. Ian teaches on nearly all of our courses and has been active in producing much of our online materials.

MathewDr Mathew Hall BM BCHIR PHD MRCEM
Faculty Lead

Mathew obtained a PhD in Biological Sciences at Cambridge University and undertook Post-Doctoral research before qualifying in medicine at Oxford. He initially trained in General Medicine before switching to Emergency Medicine where he has worked as a Specialty Doctor for the past 15 years. Mathew has a passion for Emergency Medicine education and as well as acting as Faculty Lead with Bromley Emergency Courses he has co-authored two well known EM Textbooks - 'Mastering Emergency Medicine' and 'Get Through MCEM Part B'.

Karyn Collison
Office Manager

Karyn as a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. She moved to the United Kingdom in 2010 and joined the Bromley Emergency Courses team in October 2015. Karyn is responsible for staffing our office as well as ensuring smooth running of all our courses and managing our website. She can be contacted with any inquiries or questions in the office weekdays from 9.30am to 5.00pm (UK time) on +44(0)20 7998 8588.

Course Leads

FRCEM Primary Course
Dr Mathew Hall (Faculty Lead, Bromley Emergency Courses)
Dr Chet Trivedy (Academic Lecturer Emergency Medicine)

FRCEM Intermediate Course
Dr Ian Stell (Director Bromley Emergency Courses)
Dr Cara Jennings (Consultant Emergency Medicine)

MRCEM PartC/OSCE course
Dr Shwetha Rao (Consultant Emergency Medicine)
Dr Claire Germain (SpR Emergency Medicine)

Core (Level 1) Emergency Ultrasound Course
Dr George Nada (Consultant Emergency Medicine)
Dr Firas Abou-Auda (SpR Emergency Medicine)

Emergency Radiology Course
Dr Sam Thenbabadu (Consultant Emergency Medicine)
Dr Fleur Cantle (Consultant Emergency Medicine)

EBEEM Part B course
Dr Thomas Obermeiyer EBEEM (Specialty Doctor Emergency Medicine)

Dubai Courses
Dr Mathew Hall (Faculty lead, Bromley Emergency Courses)
Dr Ian Stell (Director, Bromley Emergency Courses)

India Courses
Dr Shwetha Rao (Consultant Emergency Medicine)
Dr Ian Stell (Director, Bromley Emergency Courses)