About the exam

The MRCEM OSCE/Part C examination is a comprehensive test of a candidates clinical knowledge and skills as well as their communication, attitudes and behaviors. It consists of 16 consecutive OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) stations, plus two ‘rest’ stations. At each station the candidate must read a brief scenario, then enter ‘role play’ mode to manage a simulated clinical situation. These situations mimic the breadth of Emergency Medicine practice from managing a trauma team, resuscitating a sick child, taking a difficult history, suturing a wound or dealing with an angry relative. The examination relies heavily on actors and equipment to simulate real-life problems.

What We Offer

Learn in class

There is no doubt that the MRCEM OSCE/Part C examination is a tough exam. According to the College about 70% of UK trainees pass the exam, while only about 25% of non-trainees pass. Good communications and other ‘soft’ skill are of paramount importance, but often overlooked and the cause of failure. As a result the exam is particularly challenging for those lacking a training in communication skills as expected for UK practice, and those who are not familiar with OSCE style examinations.

Following from our 10 yrs experience running highly regarded MRCEM Part C courses, our new two day MRCEM OSCE/Part C course provides candidates with even more OSCE teaching and practice in preparation for the real exam. A focus throughout on good communication and improving the candidates ‘soft skills’ further increase chances of success. You will be taught by our highly experienced faculty, all practicing Emergency Medicine Senior Registrars or Consultants with a track record of OSCE or simulation training.

Next Dates: 29th – 30th May 2019

Venue: Unit 42 St Olav’s Court, 25 Lower Road, Canada Water, London, SE16 2XB

Course Timings: 9am – 5.30pm


Study Online

Experience from teaching MRCEM OSCE/Part C courses for over ten years has shown us that most candidates would benefit from a structured approach to preparing for their MRCEM Part C/OSCE exam and that many weeks, if not months, of training and practice, are required to be confident of success. This is particularly true of candidates unfamiliar with the OSCE style of examination or who have trained and/or work in medical systems significantly different to the UK.

Currently, no online or printed materials provide such a structured approach over such a period of time and face to face OSCE courses, while of great benefit in honing OSCE skills through real-time OSCE practice, are not sufficient on their own to deliver success to the inexperienced and unprepared candidate. Hence to fill this gap for all candidates preparing for the MRCEM PartC/OSCE exam we have created this online course.

In creating the course we have brought together the unique experience, materials, and skills of the Bromley Emergency Courses Part C/OSCE faculty into a structured approach for OSCE preparation. The course charts a logical path through the MRCEM PartC/OSCE exam, building knowledge and skills (hard and soft) from the ground up. It is divided into a series of modules which can be viewed independently but would be best studied in order as each one builds on the preceding ones.


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