EBEEM part a

The first part of the EBEEM examination, Part A, is a written test of the knowledge needed for the practice of emergency medicine including basic sciences applied to Emergency Medicine. It is conducted twice each year at several centres across Europe, and lasts 2 ½ hours. The examination is done on a computer using an online system with all candidates being logged into a a central website, so that everyone across Europe completing the examination, can complete it at the same time. There are 120 questions. The questions can be of two types: either ‘multiple true/false’ format with five items per question, each of which can be true or false; or ‘single best answer format’ in which five possible answers are offered, and the candidate has to choose the best one.
Candidates can evaluate their experience against the European Emergency Medicine curriculum, and determine whether they are adequately prepared, and have the appropriate experience to take this exam.