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Our courses are developed by Emergency Medicine doctors experienced in the FRCEM exams to help you to make the most of your revision time and succeed.  We cover all the core topics of the RCEM Basic Science Curriculum and stick closely to the exam blueprint.

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“Excellent course; effectively covers a lot of ground and I’m sure will have made my subsequent revision much easier.”

FRCEM Primary, May 2019


“Useful overview, flagged gaps in knowledge, triggered memory of concepts.”

FRCEM Primary, May 2019


“Well organised, great faculty, online course material also extremely useful.”

FRCEM Primary, May 2019


Core physiology: What can be measured by spirometry?

Question. Which one of the following lung volumes and capacities CANNOT be measured using a spirometer? a. vital capacity (FVC) b. functional residual capacity (FRC) c. forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) d. tidal volume e. inspiratory reserve [...]

Core physiology: The ins and outs of stroke volume.

Question. Which one of the following is correct regarding stroke volume in a healthy person? a. it is the amount of blood expelled from the ventricle in one minute b. it is proportional to left ventricular end diastolic volume [...]

Core anatomy: O TOM CAT in the cavernous sinus!

Question. A 60yr old man with widespread malignancy and sinusitis presents with severe headache, fever and proptosis. He is diagnosed with the cavernous sinus syndrome. All of the following structures are at risk of compression in this man EXCEPT [...]

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