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About the exam

The FRCEM Intermediate Certificate Short Answer Question (SAQ) Paper is intended to test a candidate’s application of Emergency Medicine knowledge. This is done through practice SAQ questions covering the breadth of Emergency Medicine practice as outlined in the 2015 RCEM Emergency Medicine Curriculum. Questions will carry three marks each and likely require the interpretation of clinical cases and accompanying clinical data such as ECGs, blood test results, clinical pictures, X-rays and CT scans. Answering the questions will require a thorough familiarity with the presentation and management of emergency cases – adult, paediatric, medicine, surgery and trauma – as well as anesthetics, intensive care medicine, practical procedures and the common competencies.

What We Offer

Learn in class

Our intensive two day FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Course will take you through the required knowledge for the Intermediate SAQ paper in a series of lectures given by our experienced faculty of Emergency Physicians and using a large number of practice exam questions. There will be a focus on teaching those topics most important for the exam itself and on up-to-date clinical guidelines in use in the UK.

Over the busy two day course we will give you 4 mock exam papers. One will be emailed in advance of the course, you will sit 2 during the course and another will be provided at the end of the 1st day. We will discuss these questions in detail in interactive review sessions with model answers given to take away.

This course includes a comprehensive 200 page course manual (given on the 1st day of the course) to take away containing slides from the given lectures.


Next Course Dates: 30th – 31st January & 11th – 12th February 2019

Venue: Unit 42 St Olav’s Court, 25 Lower Road, Canada Water, London, SE16 2XB


Study Online

We offer a series of pre-recorded lectures on key exam topics and which include practice questions in the new single best answer question (SBAQ) format.

Advantages of our online FRCEM Intermediate lectures include:

  • Wider coverage of the  curriculum than is possible on a face to face course
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace
  • Rewind and replay the recordings as many time as you want
  • Streamed to your own computer or device wherever you are (internet connections required)
  • Revision notes are encouraged

The structure that we have followed in the FRCEM intermediate webinars is to start with typical FRCEM Intermediate style questions which we encourage candidates to stop and answer before proceeding. This is then followed by detailed teaching on the relevant part of the curriculum focusing particularly on difficult areas and those areas which we know are popular examination subjects. Preview snippets from the videos below.

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