And why we firmly believe that we offer the best course available on the market!

Choices, choices…so many important ones to make! Among those important choices, (No, crucial ones!) is what course to choose before your PLAB 2 exam. In this article, we will cover why we think we are the best option available on the market.

  1. Our 2-day intensive PLAB 2 practical preparation course is the nearest you will experience to the actual exam day. No other existing course resembles the exam more than we do!
  2. We strictly limit the number of candidates on your course to make sure you get plenty of opportunities to practice your OSCE skills.
  3. We provide specific tailored feedback dedicated to your development.
  4. Our course is shorter in duration to fit around your work, family and financial commitments.
  5. All our faculty members are doctors licensed in the UK who currently work for the NHS.
  6. We use highly experienced actors, providing a real patient experience
  7. Our training fully aligned with the GMC PLAB 2 Blueprint and EVERYTHING we will teach you is in line with Good Medical Practice and NICE Guidelines.
  8. We do not teach our students to memorise scripts, but to communicate in an effective way while being themselves.


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Upcoming Course Dates: 14th – 15th January, 4th – 5th February and 5th – 6th March


Best of luck!

Dr. Irene Baez








Irene is Medical Advisor for Bromley Emergency Courses and has recently taken PLAB 2.