About the exam

The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) is required for international medical graduates to practice within the UK, and the PLAB 1 exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions (MCQs). These aim to test a candidate’s applied clinical knowledge equivalent to that of a UK foundation year trainee, and are all clinical scenarios followed by 5 options with only one correct answer. There is no negative marking.
You have only 60 seconds to answer each question. Our online course allows you to follow this format, and will give you the confidence to face this pressure.

Prepare for PLAB 1 Online

What we offer

  • Our up-to-date online course aims to familiarise you with the topics and structure of the PLAB 1 comprehensively. We cover less prevalent topics, as well as those more critical: such as medical ethics and the legislation required for a foundation year 2 doctor working in the UK.
  • After every major topic, we provide a video re-examining each question and providing further information, delivered by one of our experienced faculty members currently practicing within the UK. The entirety of the GMC’s PLAB blueprint is covered; and you will leave with a thorough understanding of the PLAB 1 course and how it applies to UK medicine.
  • Our online course is available anywhere, anytime. Consult our experience for your PLAB 1 exam for as long as you need, so long as you’re subscribed.

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