New to ED 

A ‘FOAMed’ FRCEM videos resource, for doctors just starting their career in Emergency Medicine.

We are very proud to present to you our ‘FOAMed’ FRCEM videos, detailing the most common examinations, procedures, and communication scenarios that can present in the emergency department. The footage in these videos has all been captured live from the ED, and contains real-life procedures, examinations, and history taking. 

There are often many subtly different ways to examine a patient, or to carry out a procedure, and in no way are we claiming that these videos show the only way to carry these out. What we do aim for, is to provide a platform from which new emergency medicine doctors can learn from, and reference during there daily duties while working in the ED.

We are passionate about continuing to deliver high quality educational materials, so we really hope that this new video package will help in your preparation, and success in emergency medicine.

This resource will continually be added to over the months to include a number of different areas of emergency medicine.

For the sake of privacy, the identities of the patients in these videos and has been blurred out, but we do not feel that this causes any disruption the instruction of skills that these video show.