Procedures & Airway Management OSCEs

Module 5


Part 1. Approach to procedures OSCEs.

Performing at least one, if not more, practical procedures is an absolute certainty in the MRCEM PART C/OSCE exam. It is also reasonable to assume that you would have performed most of the required procedures numerous times before at work, and performed them to a high standard. Sadly numerous candidates fail what could otherwise be a relatively straight forward station, often due to cutting corners on the actual procedure, … … more in purchased course package.


Part 2. General procedures videos


Handwashing Technique

Cervical Collar & Logroll


Below Elbow Plaster Cast

Placing a Nasogastric Tube

Male Catheter Insertion

PV and Bimanual Exam

PV and Bimanual Exam

Aspirating a Pneumothorax

Aspirating a Pneumothorax

Seldinger Chest Drain

Surgical Chest Drain

Femoral Line Insertion

Central Line Jugular

Central Line Jugular

Arterial Blood Gas Sampling

Infraorbital Nerve Block

Fascia Iliaca Block


Part 3. Airway management procedures.


Adult Airway Management

Paediatric Airway Management



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