Final Touches:
Management and model OSCEs

Module 6


Part 1. Management OSCEs.

Recent diets of the MRCEM Part C/OSCE exam have seen increasing emphasis on management skills with more than one OSCE station aimd at testing a candidates ability to handle non-clinical situations such as …. … more in purchased course package.


Handling a Complaint

CDU Ward Round

Management – Staff Conduct

Difficult Referral

Major Incident Call

Major Incident Triage

Accusation against staff member


Part 2. Model OSCEs.

Below are a series of videos modeling typical MRCEM OSCEs. Each one is 8 minutes long and includes one minute for the candidate to read the instructions. They cover all the topics we have talked about in the preceding modules … … more in purchased course package.



Nonaccidental Injury

Difficult Referral

Headache History


Needlestick Injury

Lignocaine toxicity

Head Injury

GI Bleeding

Pelvic Injury

Paediatric Asthma

Neonatal resuscitation

Breaking Bad News

Hand Examination



Part 3. Final tips for success in your OSCE exam

1. Practice Practice Practice.

There is no substitute for it and those that have put in the time and appear well rehearsed and fluent will clearly stand out from those that are mentally (or physically!) scratching their heads. OSCEs need to be fluent and … … more in purchased course package.

So finally we have come to the end of the online course. We wish you …

… more in purchased course package.


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