MRCEM Part C Examination Videos Previews

We are very proud to bring you our range of 80 specially recorded MRCEM Part C/OSCE videos. These are presented in five video packages each concentrating on a particular OSCE theme. Videos can be previewed by clicking the images below or purchased as packages on the sidebar to the right.

In addition to the video previews, we offer two sample MRCEM Part C/OSCE videos focusing on the frequently examined ‘Breaking Bad News’ scenario. Sample videos are free to view by registering on this website, after which they will be placed in your account to view. If you are already registered and have an account with us, simply login and go to your account to view.


Examination video package


Abdomen Exam

Cardiovascular Exam

Depression Exam

Elbow Exam

Hand Exam

Hip Exam

Knee Exam

Maxillofacial Exam

Neurology Cerebellar Exam

Neurology Cranial Exam

Neurology Lower Limb Exam

Neurology Upper Limb Exam

Respiratory Exam

Shoulder Exam

Thyroid Exam

Vascular Exam



Procedures video package


Adult Airway Management

Arterial Blood Gas Sampling

Aspirating a Pneumothorax

Below Elbow Plaster Cast

Central Line Jugular

Cervical Collar & Logroll



Femoral Line Insertion

Handwashing Technique

Intraosseous Needle Insertion

Lumbar Puncture

Male Catheter Insertion

Needle Thoracostomy

Paediatric Airway Management

Placing a Nasogastric Tube

PV and Bimanual Exam

Seldinger Chest Drain

Surgical Chest Drain



Communication skills video package


Abdomen Pain History

Angry Relative

Assessing Capacity

Breaking Bad News

Chest Pain History

Depression History

Deliberate Self Harm

Difficult Referral

Handling a Complaint

Mental State Exam

Non Accidental Injury

Open and Closed Questions

Paediatric Death

Presenting to Examiners

Teaching a Skill



Model OSCEs video package



Difficult Referral

Headache History


Needlestick Injury

GI Bleeding

Head Injury

Nonaccidental Injury

Lignocaine toxicity

Neonatal resuscitation

Paediatric Asthma

Pelvic Injury


Hand Examination

Breaking Bad News



Resuscitation video package


Airway Assessment

Laryngeal Mask Airway

Fitting a Cervical Collar

ALS H’s & T’s

ABCDE Assessment

Trauma primary survey



Structured Patient Handover


Late Pregnancy

Sick Child

Paediatric Trauma Primary Survey



Please note that these videos are copyright protected and are produced and owned by Bromley Emergency Training & Research Ltd. They are for private study only and may not be distributed in any form.