frcem primary revision

FRCEM Primary Revision

Below is a list of ten educational modules, five from RCEM learning and five from Education, which have a basic science focus and are useful for FRCEM primary revision. If you haven’t found RCEM learning before, it is a great free resource from the College and found at  Modules take about an hour to complete and can be added to your CPD folder! If you are not a member already you will need to register to view the education modules. 


RCEM Learning modules:


Local anaesthetics by Graham Gardner

Sensitivity by Adrian Boyle

Specificity by Adrian Boyle.

Broad Complex Tachcardias by Elizabeth Docherty and Francis P Morris

Third nerve palsy by Helen Yasmin Sultan.  – Education.


Metabolic mayhem: hypercalcaemia by Emma Clatworthy and John Firth

Basic chest radiograph interpretation by Fraser Millard

Healthcare-associated infection: Clostridium difficile and norovirus by Nikunj Mahida and Eftihia Yiannakis

Interpreting lung function in the clinical setting by David Bellamy

Childhood immunisations by Naomi Sherwood