To date nearly 4000 doctors have completed our training courses either in person or online. This is what some of them have said:

“I’ve just found out that I passed first time – I couldn’t have done it without the course!”


From previous FRCEM Primary Courses

“Great course. Really worthwhile. Great tutors. Engaging lectures”
“Thanks. Brilliant course. If I pass it will be largely down to you guys”
“Inspired further work and highlighted areas of weakness”
“Fantastic course. Increased my confidence but also showed me how much more I need to do.”
“Practice papers – best I have had on any course”
“Excellent Course. Excellent prep for exam. Wish I had done previously.”
“Good job. All your hard work is much appreciated. I feel really charged to read more after the course and especially to follow the focused studying of topics taught”


From previous FRCEM Intermediate Courses

“Excellent, fantastic, helpful, perfect course. Strongly recommended by friend and strongly I will recommend to friends. Thank you very much”
“Very helpful course which covers a broad syllabus will for exam purposes”
“Very good faculty, good approach towards teaching us the exam style, curriculum and guidelines followed.”
“Exam tips were useful”
“Fantastic exam insight”
“Has helped focus my revision on weak areas”
“Very good Course, please keep up the good work”
“Excellent course, thank you for all your work writing the exams”


From previous MRCEM Part C courses

“amazing actors! Very realistic environment. Faculty was very encouraging and feedback was very focused. I feel ready for the exam and more confident”
“Generally great course, fantastic teachers and mentors, well organised and structured, worth the fee”
“Teaching stations were very helpful and focusing. All the OSCE stations were good practice for me”
“Quite a lot covered in a short time. Great job!!”
“Very friendly, encouraging atmosphere – thankyou”
“Good organisation. Will highly recommend!”
“OSCE’s very true to proper exam”
“Really good course, feel much more confident about exam now”
“Helpful constructive criticism and encouragement”
“Nice well thought through course”


From previous Emergency Ultrasound courses

“Good course, well organised”
“Practical scanning sessions were excellent, very useful”
“It couldn’t have been better than this. Well done.”
“Showed how easy it can be, but also identified pitfalls”
“Overall a very good experience for me”
“Good patients – useful to have real findings”
“Very very useful thanks”
“Excellent course thanks”


From previous Emergency Radiology courses

“Very useful course – practical and clinical”
“Excellent thankyou (I wish I had done this before being an Orho SHO on call!)”
“Thankyou very much for an excellent teaching programme”
“Best Radiology course I’ve ever been on”
“Would recommend to colleagues”
“great style of lecturing – thanks guys!”