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Emergency Medicine In The Tropics:

Kigali, Rwanda

Join us for EMIT2 , an incredible opportunity for EM and other acute-care trainees from overseas to learn from local and international faculty in a busy tropical emergency department in Kigali, Rwanda.
This packed two-week pre-conference course covers a diversity of topics relevant to anyone interested in global health and developing emergency care in resource-constrained settings. Sessions incorporate a heavy focus on clinical exposure with lectures and workshops focused on trauma, critical care, paediatrics, disaster response, and lots of ultrasound.
The course is based in the very busy Emergency Department at CHUK, Rwanda’s tertiary referral hospital.
EMIT2 includes a visit to a district hospital ED, attendance at the 2nd Rwanda Emergency Care Association conference on 12 May, plus time to explore the beautiful Land of 1000 Hills (and perhaps even see gorillas)!



EMIT for Emergency and Critical Care Nurses

This year EMIT is also running a parallel track for emergency and critical care nurses. Nurses and doctors will attend lectures together, but nurses will have their own clinical sessions with experienced emergency and critical care nurses working in Rwanda (in both adult and paediatric care). Please see attached information sheet for more details, or email nursingemit2017@yahoo.com

The Rwanda Emergency Care Association Day Conference

‘bringing accessible and sustainable emergency care to Rwanda’

12 May 2017 Kigali, Rwanda

Keynote Speakers:

Dr Heike Geduld

Head of Education, Emergency Medicine Cape Town. President of the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM)

Professor Tim Rainer

Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Cardiff. Vice-President of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM)

Dr Adam Levine

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Brown University, Rhode Island. Director Humanitarian Innovative Initiative (HI2)

Professor Rob Crouch

Consultant Nurse & Critical Care Practitioner. Honorary Professor of Emergency Care, University of Southampton

Abstract submission deadline 1st March 2017.



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