FRCEM Primary Course

“Excellent course. Really useful tips and information prior to exam. Thank you!” – November 2018
“Well worth the time and money would recommend to others” – November 2018
“A thoroughly enjoyable course which has given me a good grounding from which to start revising in earnest” – October 2018
“Very helpful course and excellent revision aid. Great to spend 3 days dedicated to the exam and good to do practice papers. Supportive environment” – October 2018
“Practice papers – best I have had on any course” – November 2017
“Inspired further work and highlighted areas of weakness” – November 2017

FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Course

“Managed to cover a lot of information in a very efficient manner, did a large number of questions which was extremely helpful.” – February 2019
“Very useful course for highlighting areas to prioritise.” – February 2019
“Extremely well organised course. The tutors were extremely knowledgeable. I feel a lot more prepared for the exam after attending the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone sitting the exam. Course book was very detailed.” – January 2019
“Very well organised course. 2 days of intense schedule but I felt engaged and interested all the time. I will inform other EM trainees who want to sit the exam about the course.” – January 2019
“Course allowed me to recognise what I need to read up on and practice questions in real time. Will definitely recommend.” – January 2019
“Very good faculty, good approach towards teaching us the exam style, curriculum and guidelines followed.” – September 2018

MRCEM Part C/OSCE Courses

“Fantastic course. Good exposure to variety of scenarios.” – January 2019
“Very helpful Course. Very valuable advice given, good exam tips, lots of practice. Faculty is excellent. Thanks!” – January 2019
“Enjoyable, informative and very useful course. Thanks to everyone/ faculty and actors who helped me to understand the requirements and giving opportunity to practice and practice. Thanks you!” – January 2019
“Amazing actors! Very realistic environment. Faculty was very encouraging and feedback was very focused. I feel ready for the exam and more confident” – September 2017
“Teaching stations were very helpful and focusing. All the OSCE stations were good practice for me” – September 2017

FRCEM Final SAQ Course

Carthage Carroll
“Excellent. Focused with emphasis on practice questions.
Fair & challenging. I liked they were based around ‘real world’ scenarios.” – February 2019
Ryan Ghodrat
“Friendly faculty and wide range of subjects covered, thank you.” – February 2019
“Very useful to be able to review questions against referenced guidelines.” – February 2019
“I have taken my Final FRCEM exam in 2017 and passed it. Just wanted to convey my appreciation and regards for your great help.” – September 2017

FRCEM Final OSCE Practice

“Thanks to all the friendly staff (actors and faculty) who helped me to improve my OSCE skills. I highly appreciate the time you took to answer my questions and guide me how to successfully approach this exam. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this course and appreciate all the efforts you put to create this enjoyable teaching environment. Thank you.” – March 2019
Binay Shrestha
“Brilliant course. Good actors. Good scenarios. Good resus scenarios. Pushed you to extreme of conditions.” – March 2019
Kavita Chibba
“Good structure. Value for time & fee with having small group of candidates & immediate feedback after every station. Really great to have 3 stations in succession & then a group feedback & regular breaks.” – March 2019
Jonathan Holman
“Good exposure to multiple scenarios, intensive & useful 2 days, good simulated patients.” – March 2018
“Very enthusiastic teaching! I really appreciated it very much! Very convincing acting, it felt more like real world than a set up scenario” – March 2018

CORE (Level 1) Emergency Ultrasound Course

“Very good value for money. Experienced lectures who provide great tips to improve ultrasound skills.” – March 2019
“Such an excellent course. Very glad I came. I will definitely spread the word.” – March 2019
“Very useful course that got me familiar with the basics of US imaging. Will definitely improve my clinical skills.” – March 2019
“It was very useful. Good lectures and many opportunities to practice these skills.” – February 2019
“Excellent course. I am very impressed with the quality of teaching from the faculty. Really helpful in both lectures and practicals. Thank you so much.” – February 2019
“Fantastic course. Really well set up. Plenty of opportunity to practice. Everybody was very approachable and knowledgeable.” – January 2019

Emergency Radiology

“Very good overall summary. Highly recommended.” – October 2018


“Amazing guys. Thank you so much for every thing. I learned a lot. Well done. The actors are really good.” – March 2019
“It is very important for me to be educated by faculty members, to be told of my strengths and weaknesses and Bromley has really been helpful with that. I have to give 5 stars to the actors for really being helpful and effective. I will definitely recommend this course.” – March 2019
“Very good format,encouraging staff members. Clear learning objectives. NO SCRIPTS/memorisation, just encouraging us to develop our technique.” – March 2019
“The best course/training I’ve ever attended to. Excellent/astonishing/impressive organisation. Fantastic faculty staff. Extremely professional and helpful team of actors. I am very satisfied about the course and made me very confident for my test.” – February 2019
“I really feel that I got a very good idea of what was important to know for the exam.” – February 2019
“Well organised course. It drew attention to what I needed to work on and most efficient way to tackle each station.” – January 2019
“Very informative. All of the staff, examiners & simulators are very kind enough to give feedback. Really appreciated it.” – January 2019


“Excellent speakers with good content and coverage.” – February 2019
“Excellent course. Clarified several issues despite the ambiguous nature of the sjp exam.” – February 2019
“Excellent course to provide good guidance on an exam whose syllabus seems nebulous. Recommended reading list of gmc guidance documents was very useful point of reading reference.” – February 2019