FRCEM Primary Course

“Thanks. Brilliant course. If I pass it will be largely down to you guys” – May 2017
“Great course. Really worthwhile. Great tutors. Engaging lectures” – May 2017
“Inspired further work and highlighted areas of weakness” – November 2017
“Fantastic course. Increased my confidence but also showed me how much more I need to do.” – November 2016 
“Practice papers – best I have had on any course” – November 2017
“Excellent Course. Excellent prep for exam. Wish I had done previously.” – May 2017 
“Good job. All your hard work is much appreciated. I feel really charged to read more after the course and especially to follow the focused studying of topics taught” – November 2016

FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Course

“Excellent, fantastic, helpful, perfect course. Strongly recommended by friend and strongly I will recommend to friends. Thank you very much” – August 2017
“Excellent course, well covered syllabus. Worth referring to colleague who are interested in FRCEM Intermediate” – August 2017
“Very good faculty, good approach towards teaching us the exam style, curriculum and guidelines followed” – September 2018
“Exam tips were useful” – January 2018
“Fantastic exam insight” – February 2017
“Has helped focus my revision on weak areas” – September 2017
“Very good course, please keep up the good work” – August 2017
“Excellent course, thank you for all your work writing the exams” – January 2017

MRCEM Part C/OSCE Courses

“Amazing actors! Very realistic environment. Faculty was very encouraging and feedback was very focused. I feel ready for the exam and more confident” – September 2017
“Generally great course, fantastic teachers and mentors, well organised and structured, worth the fee” – July 207
“Teaching stations were very helpful and focusing. All the OSCE stations were good practice for me” – September 2017
“Quite a lot covered in a short time. Great job!!” – January 2017
“Very friendly, encouraging atmosphere – thank you” – July 2017
“Good organisation. Will highly recommend!” – September 2017
“OSCE’s very true to proper exam” – March 2017
“Really good course, feel much more confident about exam now” – September 2017

FRCEM Final SAQ Course

“I have taken my Final FRCEM exam in 2017 and passed it. Just wanted to convey my appreciation and regards for your great help.” – September 2017
H. Grimsmo
“Fully immersive, great teaching & helpful pointers. Covered a huge volume of curriculum.” – March 2018
“Very enthusiastic teaching! I really appreciated it very much! Very convincing acting, it felt more like real world than a set up scenario” – March 2018

CORE (Level 1) Emergency Ultrasound Course

“It couldn’t have been better than this. Well done” – September 2017
“Showed how easy it can be, but also identified pitfalls” – July 2017
“Fantastic, really well run course. Very practical.” – March 2018